One of the 7 Wonders of The World, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon have a very long history and are traced back to 605 and 562 BC in the rule of Neo-Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II. These gardens are known to have planted and cultivated just above the ground level with the roots of the trees, embedded in just the upper terrace, instead of earth. They had extended to an area of more than 56 miles with temples and fortresses in the area that had plenty of statues made from solid gold. The vaults, pillars and terraces of the gardens are known to be built using asphalt and brick.

Size of the Gardens

There are different accounts about the size of the gardens and how big they are actually. A version suggests that these gardens were 400 feet wide and 400 feet long with a height of more than 80 feet. There are other accounts that suggest that the height of the garden was almost equal to the outer city walls. The gardens were truly an amazing sight. Green, completely leafy and full of life – a wonderful artificial mountain which rises off a plain!

Legend Associated With Hanging Gardens

  • These gardens are said to have one big pillar along with several tiers and terraced levels. Greek and Latin translations describe the garden as ‘overhanging’ and not ‘hanging’ as it is known as.
  • These gardens do not have any proven location. Though it is believed that these were located in Babylon, there is actually no evidence to prove this fact.
  • As per Greek texts, these gardens are known to have exotic foliage with several man-made waterfalls.
  • There is a belief that the gardens were destroyed due to an earthquake but several other theories state that these gardens were destroyed due to gradual corrosion and other destruction factors.

The Babylon gardens boasted great engineering skills of their craftsmen and splendid architecture so many years back. It is never an easy task to grow plants or gardens in desert and this garden looked splendid. The most difficult task must have been to water these plants which were atop the 5 story building – this must have been a huge challenge for the people during the time. The gardens must have been dependent on the river Euphrates as their source of irrigation. Water must have been transported through pumping system and had to pass through several tiers before the entire garden could be wonderfully watered.

These gardens are gone long and no longer exist. If the Hanging gardens existed today, they would have been the second oldest of ancient wonders and a great marvel to appreciate for the current generation. There are several arguments are to why there are no records of these gardens – maybe simply because these are just gardens made up of plants and flowers and just like all living organisms, they had to die. However, even the structure on which these gardens were affixed would have been there, it would have been easily recognized as ruins.

Whatever we know about these wonderful Hanging Gardens of Babylon is from the interpretations of various accounts and the various artists renderings.