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The Blue Side Of Planet Mercury

Space scientists have always showed their keen interest for the planet Mercury and tried to solve every mystery about the blue Planet. The first colored images of the surface of Mercury have revealed the blue side of Mercury. Described as the mysterious complex geology with extremes in temperature, this blue side of the planet is still under much research and scrutiny.

The first images of the blue side of the planet are a composite of thousands of images taken from several cameras for over a span of two years. The colors visible in the image are well enhanced with the help of light filters; they are known to be a true representation of the composition and structure of rocks, present on the surface of the planet.

David Blewitt, an experienced planetary scientist with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, says “The colors represent real differences in the composition of the rocks on the surface. The orange areas represent volcanic plains and the areas of deep blue are reflections of blue light, but we’re not really sure what’s causing that,” Mr Blewitt also added, that there is a huge presence of sulphur compounds which is thought to be reason for the formation of strange sublimation like features and hollows in the surface of the planet.

Scientists who were working on the acclaimed Nasa’s Messenger, have highlighted the stunning new color of the planet. The images reveal something which we have never witnessed before. The images are not that of a boring, brownish grey planet but they beautifully captured a blue side of the planet. This exaggerated view, captured of the planet, highlights the variation in the rock composition of the planet. The images reveal a few orange areas which are actually volcanic plains. However, there are many areas that are of a rich deep blue color. The color is richer than an opaque mineral and this is quite mystifying, since scientists are clueless about it. Besides this, there are light blue beautiful streaks, throughout the surface of the planet. These are explained as crater rays which are formed due to an impact with the ground, as the ground rock is thrown across the surface of this planet.

These new images from Messenger space probe will probably help in settling a big debate among experienced space scientists, as why portions of the planet Mercury, appear smoother than others. One image reveals giant craters – maybe of the size of a famous US city which is completely full of a blue material. This crater is not just filled with blue material but includes plenty of dust debris too. Scientists, at the moment are of the opinion that this blue material is cooled down lava which must be at least 4 billion years old. Researchers are also investigating the fact, that this blue material is spread throughout the surface of the planet.

Though, the planet Mercury has always been under research, the latest images have highlighted much about the blue mystery dust which is seen so clearly. The actual blue color might be lighter, since we are able to see it through an infrared camera which enhances the color.

Mercury was once considered to be a very boring planet, but now its under much probe and a huge challenge for scientists, who are trying their best to find out about the blue side of the planet.


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