Falling in love often feels spontaneous. Even the term suggests that it just happens all of a sudden. The truth, though, is that your body is actually doing its best to help bring love about. The following six facts about the biology of love will give you a greater appreciation for what’s happening behind the scenes when you begin getting weak in the knees for someone.

You Can Literally Be Crazy in Love

When Beyoncé confessed she was “crazy in love”, she may have been onto something. That’s because when people fall in love, their bodies produce the same amount of serotonin as is found in individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder.

While people with OCD certainly aren’t crazy, they’ll immediately understand why, when people are in love, they seemingly can’t stop thinking about anyone other than the focus of that affection.

Other research has likened the feeling of love to the effects of doing cocaine. Both falling in love and the illegal drug produce similar forms of euphoria in the brain. In fact, love is so powerful that it lights up 12 areas in your brain all at once. Go easy on the stuff.

The Effect of Love Takes less than 3 Minutes

On a lighter note, when people fall in love, their hearts will actually begin synchronizing. No one knows why this happens, but studies have shown that, time and time again, if two people who love each other stare into one another’s eyes for three minutes, their heart rates will actually synchronize.

Cuddling Is a Painkiller

Another benefit that goes along with falling in love involves the natural painkiller, oxytocin. Some scientists even refer to it as the “cuddle hormone” because your body produces it in significant amounts when you embrace and cuddle with someone you love.

A small dose of this hormone can greatly reduce the pain caused by a headache or extinguish it altogether.

It Often Makes Sense to Go with Your Gut

According to a study done by Claude Wedekind at the University of Switzerland, love may not be as much a matter of the heart as something that comes from your gut.


The study had women smell unwashed t-shirts that had been worn by men. They would then pick the ones they preferred the most and, when the results were scrutinized, it was found that both men and women regularly chose the immune system that was most different from theirs.

So, the next time you’re conversing with someone you think may make a good mate, don’t ask about their sign. Ask about their immune system

Butterflies Are Really Just Adrenaline

Speaking of your stomach, there’s good news. You don’t actually have butterflies in them when you begin talking with someone whom you love. You probably knew that. However, what you may have not known is that the feeling we often experience around our crushes is adrenaline.

That’s because the nerves that go along with this kind of interaction produces the fight-or-flight response.

The Eyes Are Also the Windows to the Heart

The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but they’re also really helpful for trying to figure out if someone likes you or not. Next time you’re spending time with the object of your infection, take a moment to look into their eyes.

No, you’re not trying to synchronize their hearts.

Instead, check to see if their pupils have dilated. If so, leave the flower petals alone because they definitely have a thing for you. This is a proven sign that they are paying extra close attention to you. Furthermore, studies show that dilated pupils make men and women more. attractive.

Hopefully, the above information hasn’t robbed you of your sense of romance. Love is still a beautiful thing. It’s just that our whole bodies – not just our hearts – are hard at work to make it happen