The big (airliner), you have seen the 747, is flying because the pilot is there. And the pilot is a soul, covered by another bodily machine. Missing Point In Modern Civilization. That is: “Who Is Working The Machine?” That they do not know. That is ignorance.

Yantra means machine. Actually they are finding that a big nice machine, computer, without an operator it does not work. And this huge machine is working without any spiritual touch. Just see the foolishness. They think automatically it works. Nature is working automatically. Do they not think?

They think theres a mind, but not a soul.

That’s alright, something is there which is working. Now that may be a mistake, to call it soul or mind, that is the next understanding. But the machine is not working independently. That should be understood first. Then how the machine is working, that will be the next chapter. So they have no understanding even how the machine is working.

So if you do not know how the machine is working, then what is the value of your education? Education means enlightenment. You do not know what is the final cause.

That huge body is working, as nature, so many planets, so many big, big planets like the sun and the moon, they are float in the air. Who has made this arrangement?